About Us


Our History

 We are a family owned and operated paylake since 2013.  This is a retirement dream for owner, Larry Skinner. He has grown up on our local lakes, ponds, and rivers, and takes pride in passing on the enjoyment of fishing to others.

Whether you're looking for an afternoon of fun, relaxation, competition, family quality time, quiet time, or just plain fishing, Blue Water Catfish Farm is the place for you!

We are full service: concessions for food, bait for purchase, a pavilion for shade, picnic tables, a kid's fishing pond, and a television for big sporting events. Whether you are 3 or 75 years old, we are your fishing destination



 Catch & Release (anyone fishing), $10.00 per person General Admission (observer only), $5.00 per person Children 3 and under: Free

Take home fish: $2.00 per pound

Tournament entry fees: $25 per person (unless special event)  

*​Cash only; no credit cards are accepted


What You Need to Know

 General Rules:

  • Barbless hooks only. (NO treble hooks and all barbs bent down)
  • Net all fish, keep them off the ground. (We provide the nets)
  • Keep our ponds clean; put all trash in the trash cans. Kids must stay with an adult; shoes worn at all times.
  • Absolutely no alcohol.
  • Be safe, responsible, have some fun, most importantly… Catch Some Fish!

Bait Rules:

  • NO spray of any kind (garlic or oily), sponges to hold bait, or dip bait.
  • Discard left over bait in pond, not trashcans.